Commercial Truck Inspections

Once each year, the Department of Transportation conducts commercial truck inspections on all commercial trucks with a weight of more than 10,000 pounds. These commercial truck inspections are designed to ensure all the parts and accessories on large commercial trucks are safe to use, working properly and in good condition. The key to passing this truck inspection is to bring your commercial truck to us to have it properly serviced, repaired and maintained. Our truck repair mechanics can make your commercial truck ready to pass the Department of Transportation inspection with ease.

Why Choose Us

Making sure your commercial truck is always in proper working order and ready for a Department of Transportation annual truck inspection at a moment's notice is vital. Driving your commercial truck is how you make a living. If you fail the DOT inspection, you may not be allowed to drive your truck and earn any money until you fulfill certain requirements outlined by the Department of Transportation to ensure your truck is safe to be on the road transporting loads of all types. We have the tools, equipment, trained, experienced, truck repair mechanics and expertise to ensure your truck passes its annual DOT inspection.

1. Quickly And Properly Address Minor Problems

One of the reasons we are a top choice for commercial truck repair and maintenance is because we quickly identify and properly address minor problems you are having with your truck. Minor problems are often a sign of the potential for developing a major issues with one of the parts or systems in your truck. We have the diagnostic equipment specially designed for identifying the source of problems with heavy-duty trucks. We also have the right tools and equipment and the well-trained, experienced, service technicians to locate and repair or replace the part that is causing the minor issue before it becomes a major one.

2. We Regularly Perform Preventative Maintenance Services

A simple way we keep your commercial truck performing at an optimal level and ready for your DOT inspection is by regularly performing scheduled preventative maintenance services. When you choose us as your truck mechanic, we ensure that your oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter are changed in a timely manner. This prevents dust, dirt and other pollutants from clogging up the air, fuel and oil flow in your truck and causing those essential systems to begin experiencing problems unnecessarily. We also perform fluid flush services as part of your truck's regular maintenance services as recommended by the manufacturer to make your truck last longer and perform better.

3. No Pressure

We never pressure you to accept any automotive service on your truck. We will always explain to you why the service is needed, point to it in your vehicle's owner's manual and tell you if not getting the service done can void any of your truck's warranties.

We always note anything that is out of the ordinary so you can have it addressed as soon as possible, before the warning lights begin to flash and the performance of your truck begins to suffer. We strive to be proactive to ensure your truck is always ready to pass even the most intense DOT inspection.

4. The Right Tools And Equipment

In order to properly service, repair and maintain heavy-duty commercial trucks, you need the right tools and equipment. We have the most modern truck repair tools and equipment. We have the latest and most effective diagnostic tools and all the right types of equipment for performing any type of repair or maintenance services your commercial truck needs. Having the appropriate tools, machines, technology and equipment enables us to quickly, easily, safely and effectively do any necessary repairs to your truck and keep it properly tuned for your annual DOT inspection.

5. Exceptional Service Technicians

Our truck repair technicians are well qualified, highly skilled, have advanced training, professional certifications and are members of well-respected automotive trade organizations like Automotive Service Excellence(ASE). Plus, they are licensed, bonded and insured, prompt, courteous, polite, friendly and helpful professionals who are always willing to answer any customer's questions or addresses their concerns. They also have many years experience working with all years, makes and models of heavy-duty commercial trucks. They know exactly what to do to ensure your truck will have no problem passing the annual DOT inspection.

6. Warranties And Guarantees

We only use high-quality replacement parts in the commercial trucks we repair, service and maintain. The parts we use come with manufacturer's warranties that affirm and attest to their quality. Plus, we stand behind our automotive repair services and guarantee the quality of our work. If any customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the repair services we provide, all they have to do is give us a call and we will take care of it right away at no charge. We go the extra mile to ensure the commercial trucks we service and repair will pass their DOT inspection, be in good working order and consistently deliver safe, smooth, powerful, superior, performance.

7. Lots Of Referrals And Happy Customers

Many of our new customers hear about the commercial truck repair services we offer from family, friends and other professional drivers who refer them to us. In addition to our fast, high-quality, dependable, truck service, repair and maintenance work, many customers like the professionalism of our staff and our auto repair shop's overall appearance. We have neat, well-organized, service floors, clean, well-maintained, modern equipment, clearly posted labor charges, warrantees, guarantees, accepted methods of payment, licenses and shop policies. We ensure our customers are safe, comfortable and well-informed.

8. Clear, Accurate, Written, Estimates

Once we have diagnosed the problem with your truck, we can provide you with a clear, accurate, written, estimate for the repairs and services it will need to pass the annual DOT inspection. The estimate will include the cost of the parts and labor for the specified repair, itemize the parts and the repair method to be used and say how long the process will take. We will also answer any questions you may have before you sign the estimate which will serve as an accepted work order.

9. A Wide Range Of Services

We are an excellent choice to prepare your heavy-duty commercial truck for the annual Department of Transportation inspection because we can check, repair and replace any parts and accessories on the inside or outside of your truck. The parts and systems we will evaluate include:

·        Seat-belt

·        Turn Signals

·        Steering Mechanism

·        Windshield Wipers

·        Headlights

·        Brakes

·        Brake Lights

·        Tail Lights

·        Frame

·        Suspension

·        Engine

·        Transmission

·        Fuel System

·        Exhaust System

·        Wheels, Rims And Hubcaps

·        Tires

·        Coupling Devices

When our work is done, your commercial truck will be prepared to pass even the most intense DOT inspection.

Honest Rates

Don't let price prevent you from getting the maintenance and repair services you need for your heavy-duty commercial truck to pass the annual DOT inspection. We offer a comprehensive range of services priced to fit into the budget of even the smallest trucking companies. We offer affordably priced, high-quality replacement parts installed by highly-skilled, experienced, truck repair mechanics. Don't trust your commercial truck to amateurs to try to save money, just give us a call. We can provide professional truck repair services that will help you pass the DOT commercial truck inspections while easily fitting into your budget.

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